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What to promote Book or Author? And when?

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What to promote Book or Author? And when?

> There has always been constant chatter about promoting a book versus promoting the author.

Here is my take on when you should promote a book and in what cases creating an author platform works.

Promote the BOOK

If your eBook is Non-Fiction or academic and is focused on the subject matter. Promoting the credentials of the author also helps add credibility here. The reason is, your eBook has a defined target audience. For example: If you have published an eBook titled, Essentials of Surface Technology by Suresh Mehta. Here, the content in the eBook is the most important selling point. So, focus more on promoting the eBook and the contents inside the eBook to people who share a similar interest. Also, let potential readers know what qualifies you as the author to write this. This can be done by adding a crisp author bio positioning you as a subject matter expert.

Promote the AUTHOR

If your eBook is a work of fiction, whether it is romance, murder mystery, or any other category; positioning the author as a source of good content always works. No one goes into a store thinking they will buy a new eBook on Indian mythology. People want to read the eBooks of authors they know and have heard of. You might have heard of stories of eBooks by popular authors flying off the shelves from day one. How you can achieve this star status warrants a separate post.

So, what are you going to promote — the author or the book, and how? Please feel free to add your thoughts to this conversation in the comments section below.

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