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How to make Money on Verbals?

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How to make Money on Verbals?

Are you a writer looking to monetize your novels and stories?

Did you know you can earn money through your writing skills on Verbals?

Verbals is a modern platform where writers and readers from around the world come together online to share and discover new novels and stories. Best of all, it's completely free to join!

But how exactly can you earn money through Verbals? Well, the earning potential is unlimited, but it ultimately depends on the quality of your writing and the size of your audience.

Table of contents

  • What is Verbals?
  • Ways to make money
    1. Sponsored Novels and Stories
    2. Writing Contests
    3. Buy Me a Coffee or Patreon
    4. Merchandise Your Brand
    5. Affiliate Marketing
  • Summary

Before we dive deeper, let's talk a bit about Verbals.

What is Verbals?

Verbals creator website

Verbals is a platform for writers and readers to share and discover novels and stories.

You can create a profile, and write your original novel, and the best part is reading those stories written by other writers.

Read more on how to get started as a writer on Verbals.

The platform covers various genres, from romance and mystery to science fiction and fantasy. With the diverse content available, there’s something for everyone.

As a Verbals writer, you have the opportunity to receive feedback from readers across the globe and establish a following.

Along with the chance to showcase your work, Verbals has a global community of readers and writers to help you improve and share your skills.

Ways to make money on Verbals

1. Sponsored Novels and Stories

One of the most effective ways to earn money as a writer is by writing sponsored novels or chapters. If writing an entire sponsored novel is difficult, you can start small with a single sponsored chapter.

To get started, collaborate with brands and create content that aligns with their marketing goals. Work with a brand to write a story that features their products or services, which can ultimately boost brand awareness and attract potential customers.

When writing a sponsored novel or story, it's important to maintain your unique writing style and voice to keep your readers engaged.

Choose brand partnerships that align with your story or content to ensure a seamless collaboration that benefits both you and the brand.

To catch the attention of potential partners, focus on writing high-quality, popular stories within trending genres.

2. Writing Contests

Many contests offer cash prizes, or even the chance to connect with other writers and industry professionals.

First, research writing contests that matches your interests, skills, and writing style. Spend time developing your story idea by jotting down notes, creating character profiles, and outlining your plot.

This provides a solid foundation to build upon when writing your contest entry. Once you've finished writing your contest entry, proofread and edit it carefully to eliminate any errors in grammar, punctuation, or syntax.

Be open to feedback from others and consider revising your work based on their suggestions.

Submit your entry according to the contest guidelines, keeping track of deadlines and ensuring your submission is formatted correctly. Attention to detail shows professionalism and may positively influence the judges’ impressions of your work.

Remember, winning a writing contest isn't only about the monetary rewards. It can also help boost your visibility on Verbals, attract more readers.

3. Buy Me a Coffee or Patreon

Share teasers of the best and most thrilling moments from your novel to spark interest in your readers.

This allows you to receive one-time or recurring donations from fans who want to support you. These platforms offer other support methods, including monthly and yearly memberships.

Link your Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee page at the end of each chapter or in your Verbals profile.

4. Merchandise Your Brand

While you can’t sell merch directly on Verbals, there are external services that allow you to create a merch store.

Your brand is crucial to your success, and it consists of not only your stories but also your image and personality as a writer.

T-shirts with quotes or character art from the story, and more can all make great ideas for merch your fans want to purchase. To create the art for the merch, you can do it yourself if you’re skilled at digital art/design, or you can work with a graphic designer who offers a commercial license on their work.

Keep the pricing of your merchandise accessible to your readers while still making a profit.

By offering exclusive discounts or limited edition items to your loyal readers, you can strengthen your fanbase and encourage more engagement.

5. Affiliate Marketing

It is a bit similar to writing sponsored novels and stories, with a slight difference in earning commission only from successful referrals.

You can add affiliate links in two ways:

  1. Adding product links relevant to the story arc/plot
  2. Add a link to your Verbals profile

Getting started with affiliate marketing on Verbals is relatively simple;

For example, if you write romance stories, you might want to look for a partnership with a company specializing in romantic gifts or experiences.

To attract more readers and encourage them to click on referral links, focus on creating engaging and high-quality content.

This could be in the form of a story that features a particular product or a separate arc about recommending the product.

It’s essential to keep your audience in mind and avoid excessive advertising, which may deter readers.

Remember to disclose your affiliate relationships and advertising content per Verbals policies and applicable regulations.

Make sure it’s clear that when readers click on your link, you may make money from the purchases they make through that link. Transparency is essential to maintaining your audience’s trust.


Some writers use Verbals as a way to make extra income on the side, while others turn it into a full-fledged business.

It's important to note that Verbals isn't like a traditional writing job where you get paid a set amount for your work. Instead, it's more like building your own business. You'll need to invest time and effort into writing compelling stories that resonate with readers, and then find ways to monetize them.

Just like any business, there is some risk involved. You might not make any money at all, or it could take time to build up your audience and start seeing significant earnings. But for those willing to put in the work, Verbals can be a rewarding platform for writers looking to turn their passion into profit.

So if you're a writer with a story to tell, why not give Verbals a try? Sign up today and start sharing your novels and stories with the world!

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